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Clearweld methods were developed to extend the capability of the laser welding process to plastics of almost any colour combination, in particular for welding clear to clear plastics, and gives a very good finished appearance. An almost colourless infrared absorber is used as a coating at the joint to be welded. The absorber is heated by the laser source and locally melts the plastic in a similar way to a carbon black absorber. Ian Jones at Laserweld Plastics is one of the inventors of the process and is now an agent in Europe for the supply of Clearweld materials, resources and knowledge.

Contact us for:

  • Advice on how to apply and use the Clearweld absorbers, and which to use for different plastics.

  • Supply of small or large quantities of Clearweld absorber consumables.

  • Supply of refillable felt-tip pens for initial testing.

  • Laser welding process development and demonstration using Clearweld for plastic and textile products 


The Clearweld absorbers are manufactured by Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company in the USA. More details about the Clearweld products are available at their website.

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